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Sifu Amanda Heidke

A gold medalist in both open hand and weapon forms, Amanda's Tai Chi journey began when first introduced to the ancient Chinese martial art in 2001.

She began teaching Taijiquan and Qigong in 2006 studying with Dr Paul Lam, 

Master Fong Lee, Professor Zexiu Ai,  

Master Faye Yip and

Grandmaster Jesse Tsao.

The International Health Qigong

Federation of China

has formerly certified Amanda as

Health Qigong Instructor and awarded her Duan Wei  Diploma in accordance with the International Health Qigong Duan System.

 Amanda is current competition judge for

The Tai Chi Association Australia (TCAA) 

She is the sole Australian representative of only fourteen practitioners

worldwide appointed

as evaluation committee member to

The World Tai Chi Duanwei Ranking Federation 

Sifu Amanda Heidke is the Founder

and Head Instructor at

the Tai Chi Centre Australia. 

When not teaching within the class environment,

she spends much of her time travelling to other locations to present workshops and seminars 

of Qigong and Tai Chi .

"If we wish to be healthy in a world of technology, devices
and  artificial intelligence;  it is imperative that we
reconnect to our true selves"

_ Amanda Heidke

Yang Style 8 (10) form   (front view)
Sun Style Modified 30 Form  (front view)
Ba Duan Jin Qigong   (mirrored)
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