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Tai Chi Fan
Tai Chi Fan
SHibashi Fan


Saturday October 29th   

10am - 3pm 

 18 Fan in Yang Style

Popular legend suggests that the fan was used by scholars and royals as a show of power, intellect and status as well as a weapon to fight injustice to protect the weak and the poor.

The fan may conjure up images of romance and grace, but what many people are unaware of, is the history of the versatile fan as a lethal weapon.

The innocent looking fan can be hidden in a sleeve and carried close to conceal daggers or darts and opened to hide ones movements. "Fighting Fans" had ribs made of honed metal and carried folded.

The closed fan can be a baton to deflect, strike, stab, or bludgeon an opponent while the open fan can be used to shield, distract and cut.

Even when open the fan may still appear harmless but in the hands of an expert, the fan can become suddenly deadly.

All postures  in this exciting form created by Master Jesse Tsao, are practical, useful techniques for self-healing and self-defense, based on traditional Yang Style Tai Chi.

All Saints Parish Church Hall

Corner Cromwell and Oxford Streets

New Lambton

Resource materials provided

Practise Fan provided for use at workshop 

Morning/Afternoon tea and

all day Refreshments provided

BYO lunch

NB: Workshop dates and /or topics are subject to change without notice

check website closer to the date for confirmation

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